23 December 2013


for the week ahead.

I cannot believe Christmas is tomorrow! Well, at least for me it is. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve night. Either way it's amazing how quickly this year has flown by! This weekend I spent the majority of my free time in the kitchen. I realized that instead of trying to bake cookies, cook up fudge, and get ready for Christmas eve in one day I should do what I can in advance. This was great until Joe decided that he LOVES Peanut Butter Blossoms...I now have to cook up an entire new batch to replace those that he ate/snuck/stole off the "do not eat tray." I gave up trying to protect them. Thankfully the fudge and chocolate peppermint thumbprints seem to be safe.

20 December 2013

Christmas Decorating


The holidays are ALWAYS budget busters. It's hard because I love giving gifts so it really tugs at my heart strings when I am out shopping and want to buy up everything for all of my friends and family!! I have stop myself because it can easily get out of hand. Presents aren't the only budget busters during the holidays. Groceries and decorations can be an easy way to get carried away as well. Since this was our first holiday season as a married couple with our own tree and own place it felt like we were buying a ton of "stuff" even thought we were also trying to be simplistic about our purchases.

So as the holidays rolled around I racked my brain and searched across pinterest for cheap and easy things we could use/create and could even possibly be tossed at the end of the season.

16 December 2013


for the week ahead.

I think Virginia will be a place I always call home, no matter where my parents decide to retire. There's something so familiar and comfortable about the beltway, I-95, and driving around where I spent so many years of my teenage and early 20's. This weekend went by WAY too quickly.

13 December 2013



With less than 2 weeks until Christmas I went hunting for these adorable reindeer antlers to dress Rex up, against his will. Can you tell? Maddie was a much more willing participant and since she can't be here with us for the holidays I thought Rex might be willing to take over the reindeer responsibility! I think I guessed wrong.

11 December 2013

More than Roommates

Newlywed Wednesday

Joe and I are VERY fortunate to have two incomes streaming into our bank account, without it we certainly couldn't do all of the things we enjoy. But, as newlyweds with full time jobs we also sometimes fall into the rut of being roommates rather than newlyweds. We are very busy people, between work, the gym, daily chores, and running errands to keep the kitchen stocked it's easy to fall into the routine of running on your own schedule, forgetting to carve out time to spend with each other.